Sunday, October 12, 2014

Food, comfort food!

We're back to hamburgers, slop, and pasta.  Come to think of it, when did we stop?

  • Cheeseburgers, Red Robin french fries (frozen from the grocery store!) and salad - maybe, if I can get them to eat it.
  • Slop - rice, ground beef, cream of mushroom soup and maybe some green beans.
  • Unstuffed Peppers - I started with a Stuffed recipe and made notes on Pinterest to change it to UNstuffed.  We'll also have salad, which I'll make them eat.
  • Mac and cheese casserole, or just mac n cheese whatever sounds good at the time.
  • Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and biscuits.  
  • Pizza
  • Lasagna rollups or ravioli (from Schwans) with roasted zucchini and salad.
The only meal that will be any real work is the unstuffed peppers.  Comfort food

Growing up, my kids were allowed to choose the meal on their birthday.  If we were going out, they picked the restaurant.  Lindsay always chooses fried chicken and my mashed potatoes, and this year is no different.  Although, this very minute she is trying to figure out what else she likes that would go well with mashed potatoes.  She suggested spaghetti and vodka sauce.  We decided that was gross.

Jake and his fiancee Willa are coming for dinner on Lindsay's birthday.  It's been a month since we saw them at Jake's birthday breakfast.  I'm looking forward to seeing them, but I'm gonna have to clean my house tomorrow during the day because I won't have any time before they come.  Cleaning - I hate cleaning.

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